The new suspension railway as a miniature model

What would Wuppertal be without its suspension railway? The unique means of transport has been an integral part of the cityscape for more than 100 years. The locals love their suspension railway, and it is missed by those who have left the city. For all genuine fans and collectors we have come up with something very special right on time for the launch of the new generation of carriages: the suspension railway for your own living room!


The city's landmark is now available in miniature format on a scale of 1:87. The 27.5 centimetre suspension railway fits on any shelf and also works with any H0 model railway. The well-known model construction firm Herpa has produced the mini suspension railway according to the original construction plans for the new articulated train carriages. In doing so, the designers placed great emphasis above all on the details: the joint bellows in the middle of the carriage can also be slightly stretched in the miniature version, while the window rubbers, door handles and small signs are the same colour as the original.

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