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The Wuppertal Suspension Railway commutes every



As replacement for the Schwebebahn the SchwebebahnExpress (Bus) will be running from Monday to Friday.


The fare for a single trip with the Wuppertal Suspension Railway is as follows for:

Adults:2,90 €
Children:1,70 €


24- and 48-HourTicket

You get full flexibility with the 24- and 48-HourTicket. Using that you and even additional persons can take the ride for 24 or 48 hours on bus or suspension railway in Wuppertal. Perfect for a daytrip or a visit to the city. Just select the amount of persons that will ride along. Kids under six years go free..

These tickets are also available at our Ticketshop.

24-HourTicket: 7,20 €
Fare for every additional person: 3,50 €
48-HourTicket: 13,70 €
Fare for every additional person: 6,60 €

KombiTicket Zoo

The KombiTicket Zoo, wont be available due to the current situation.

If the zoo is reopened, the tickets will only be available at the zoo.

The green zoo Wuppertal

WSW move: Your App for increased mobility

Bargain hunters, late risers, shopping queens - WSW move gets everybody moving. Wherever you go in Wuppertal, our new app leads the way. Discover its many helpful features: traffic information, an integrated ticket shop and a geolocation function which shows you to the nearest bus, tram or train stop.

More information on this deal can be found using the WSW Ticket Advisor:

More information on this deal can be found using the WSW Ticket Advisor:
WSW-Ticketberater (German).

All tickets can be obtained quite conveniently from the ticket machines at the suspension railway stations.

For schedule information, click:
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