Transport performance

Passengers 22.7 Mio.
Personen km 106.9 Mio.
Passengers per weekday 80.000
Space utilisation 47.4 %
Average journey length 4.7 km


Transport personnel 257
Of which Drivers and operators 83
Workshops 123
Administration 51

Operational performance

Vehicle kilometres 1.78 million km
Passenger space kilometres 225,3 million km
Scheduled trains
During peak times 18
During off-peak times 18
Evenings 11
Average kilometre performance 68.587 km


Articulated suspension railway trains 25
Capacity 3.175
Special vehicles 1 Imperial Carriage

Engineered structures

Number of supporting frames 464 (not including depots)
Number of points 7 transfer tables, 2 swivel arms

Line network

Line length 13.3 km
Average distance between stops 698m
Average transit speed 27.5 km/h
Highest point Vohwinkel 180m above sea level
Lowest point Sonnborner Kreuz 142m above sea level
Largest incline 3,02%


Depots 1
Section length 13.3 km
Track length 28 km
Stops 20