Mundschutz-Pflicht in der Schwebebahn

Return to regular service planned for August 2021

The suspension railroad currently only runs on weekends. From Monday to Friday the Wuppertaler public utility company (WSW) offers a replacement bus service. The WSW plan to have the suspension railroad running as usual again from August 2021. To achieve this, they have developed a plan with clear responsibilities in cooperation with external experts:

First: Solving the two central problems (installation and serial defects & wheel abrasion).  

Second: Increasing availability so that the railroads can be used again for regular operations much more quickly in the event of a disruption.  

A detailed description of the plan is available in German.

The WSW also provide an FAQ concerning the Schwebebahn break and information on the Schwebebahnexpress, the bus line replacing the suspension railway. 

Suspension railway wears medical mask

In connection with the obligatory wearing of medical masks ordered by the federal and state governments for Monday, January 25, 2021, the WSW urgently requests its passengers to comply with the new regulation.  

Anyone not wearing an surgical mask, KN95/N95 mask or FFP2 mask will not be allowed to use the monorail. According to the specifications, neither cloth masks nor makeshift masks such as scarves are sufficient to fulfill the mask requirement on the bus and monorail.

The mask requirement also applies at our stops.

Suspension railway models in the online shop

The popular special models of the Schwebebahn are still in stock. Get one of the special editions "Blaues Wunder", "Tuffi" or "Friedlich Engels" for 59,- Euro at the Onlineshop of Wuppertal Marketing Unfortunately, the Mobicenters are closed at the moment due to the current situation.