Neue Schwebebahnz├╝ge
┬ęStefan Tesche-Hasenbach (WSW)

Suspension-railcar 28 is bidding farewell

The 29th of June was the final day to say goodbye to the old "Schwebebahn".
Railcar 28 has been on display at the station whilst the celebration of "Der lange Tisch", but hasn't been running. Railcar 28 is the last GTW (Gelenktriebwagen) of the model series B72 that has been let go by the WSW.

Sunday the 26th of May, was the final opportunity to see a railcar of the model series 1972 in action. The WSW had send car 28 to its farewell trip.
The train started at 15:00 from endstation Vohwinkel to make its roundtrip through the valley. At about 16:00 the train returned to the Vohwinkel depot again.